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    Background Information

    Polygamy Boys (Michel Morin and Stephan Busche) both share a passion for Italo-disco, E.B.M. and electro. Around the same time that they began working on their first tracks together, they were looking for a pseudonym that reflected a mixture of these styles - something rude, yet humourous. When Stephan suggested the name “Polygamy Boys”, they burst into laughter and agreed that it was a perfect fit.

    Polygamy Boys create raw and gritty, often sinister tracks - but they are never afraid to venture into playful and funk-inspired territory.

    Although they originally met online at the Globaldarkness forum based in the Netherlands, Michel first met Stephan face-to-face at Das Drehmoment records in Berlin in August 2002. Collaborating was a spur of the moment idea and they started their project soon after.

    When Michel first moved to Berlin from Canada, they finished their first three tracks together. There was obviously some good chemistry between them as one of those first tracks, "Wake Up", became a big hit on Bunker Records (NL).

    Michel runs his own record label, Gingerbread House Records (CA), which was started in Canada in 1999. His first two Sneak-Thief 12" releases were a mixture dirty Detroit-style beats and new-wave electro; however, his next two EP's are a deep excursion into electro-funk, disco and broken beats. Sneak-Thief can be simply described as great melodies, ass-shaking basslines, and debonair drums.

    Stephan Busche spins under the name DJ Gitano and is one half of Fancyman. Fancyman started in December 2000 and is a project with Berlin producer Kai Lillich - it's inspired by early 80's dance music, Chicago House and Italo-disco.

    Stephan is also an avid record collector who loves old Italo-disco and Canadian-disco - some of his favourite labels include Il Discotto, Memory, Salsoul, Unidisc, Vedette, Quality. Giorgio Moroder, Gino Soccio, Front 242, Chris and Cosey and Kirlian Camera all carry a great importance for Stephan: “For my taste, a lot of this older music has more soul and captures my feelings better.”

    Michel also carries this sentiment: “I believe there are a lot of musical journeys started by various producers from the early 80's that are worth pursuing further. As such, we're not interested in duplicating what's already been done, but rather carrying forward a tradition of dark, moody, and evocative electronic dance music. The key is to avoid the easy musical clichés by focusing on song structure, harmonies, and skillful drum programming.”

    Lindsay-J (Lindsay Griffin), a long-time collaborator of Sneak-Thief, joined the Polygamy Boys in 2003. Her fresh and soulful vocals bring a touch of class to the Boys in both the studio and during their live performance.

    The Polygamy Boys have put together a fantastic live performance which includes live synths & samplers, DJ'ing, live vocals, and projected visuals. It is the culmination of 7 years of Sneak-Thief's live experience and Gitano's 20 years of DJ'ing.

    Founded: 2002
    Influences: E.B.M. / Chicago / Italo
    Members: Fancyman (International DJ Gigolos, Lasergun Records) & Sneak-Thief (Gingerbread House Records, Lasergun Records, Intuit-Solar Records, Genetic Music)
    Releases: Bunker Records: Polygamy Boys & Unit Moebius - Pax Amerikana EP (Bunker 3032); Polygamy Boys – Minus Man EP (Bunker 3038).

    Name: Stephan Busche
    Home: Berlin, Germany
    Influences: Soul / Disco / Funk / Electro / E.B.M. / Industrial / Italo
    Activities: D.J. since 1980 / Organizer of E.B.M. Industrial events in the early 90's.
    Projects: Fancyman. An electro-disco project with Kai Lillich since December 2000.
    Releases: Lasergun Records: Amico EP (LG-20). A Fancyman remix of Legowelt / Orgue Electronique is currently out on International DJ Gigolo Records, Munich.

    Name: Michel Morin
    Home: Edmonton, Canada
    Influences: Old R n' B and Soul / Electrofunk / Detroit Techno / Hip-hop / Italo
    Activities: Live PA since 1997. Founder of Gingerbread House Records. Organizer of unauthorized parties since 1997. Performed live with synthesizers and samplers at over 70 events worldwide, including cities such as Detroit, Toronto, Vancouver, & Berlin.
    Projects: Beatcreep. Sneak-Thief.
    Releases: Gingerbread House Records: Gettin' Paid EP (GHR-001); Dirty Romantic EP (GHR-002). Lasergun Records: Cold Ways EP (LG-25). Intuit-Solar: Modern Success EP (ITU-17). Genetic Music: Das Drehmoment LP (GEN-008) Electro compilation.


    "all uptempo electro-disco-tech; cool vocals and a very catchy bassline… wicked! – boomkat.com

    "the secret tip in many dj sets around the globe" – wordandsound.net

    "ultraphat dark italo disco electro/TIP!" – frankfurt-vinyl.de

    "eine ganz harte scheibe !!!" - deejay.de

    "The Polygamy Boys give us a pure groove of synthy electro / techno with simple, effective sounds and rhythms that'll do it on the dancefloor" - smallfish.co.uk

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